alex nowitz
composer and vocal performance artist​​​​
current events:
31 May 2019 festival 'intersonanzen' at the Kunsthaus sans titre Potsdam:
'Luftnummer', voice solo (premiere)
05 June 2019 festival 'intersonanzen' at the Kunsthaus sans titre Potsdam:
Improvisations together with the BVNM 'ad hoc Ensemble'
21 June 2019 festival 'Shapes of Haiku' at the Lettrétage Berlin:
Ha-I-Ku—ein musikalischer Haiku-Slam mit Alex Nowitz und Tomomi Adachi
19 September 2019 'Musikfest Eroica' at the Alte Oper Frankfurt:
Michael Wollny und Alex Nowitz im Dialog

'Panache' for voice solo
(documentation of a studio performance)
Alex Nowitz (PhD) is a composer and vocal performance artist from Germany, whose compositions comprise a good number of chamber music pieces, vocal music, orchestral miniatures, two full-length operas, electroacoustic music, installation concerts as well as music for dance and spoken theatre. Both in his compositions dedicated to others and in his vocal performance art he explores the notion of multivocality. While applying extended vocal techniques in experimental punk rock, noise, jazz and improvisation projects (dating back to the 1990s), he studied the classical singing voice (tenor), composition, jazz and music education at various universities in Germany and USA until he graduated from the University of Potsdam in 2000. As soloist, but also collaborating with numerous musicians and vocal performers, he appears in different contexts, including festivals for composed new music, improvisation and jazz as well as stage productions, such as spoken theatre or dance. The range of his voice covers the countertenor, whistling, speaking and a variety of experimental voice types. Expanding the field of vocal performance art, he applies custom, gesture-controlled live electronics, such as the 'strophonion' developed at STEIM in Amsterdam. In spring 2019 he receives the doctoral degree from the Stockholm University of the Arts, a PhD in Fine Arts in Performative and Mediated Practices with Specialisation in Opera.